Danish Design Award

Challenge: How do you enable government and non-governmental organisations to work seamlessly and productively together, to create something unique in a crowded market?

Danish Design Award

The Danish Design Award was re-launched in 2016 as a joint venture by the government (represented by the Danish Design Council) and design practitioners (represented by Design denmark). They used the INTENT method to create an aligned team that delivered a highly creative and productive result. The Danish Design Award communicates the breadth, strength and value of design within Danish society.

It’s not often that an industry body and government organisation can work together as a single team around a shared purpose, but that is the case with Design denmark and the Danish Design Council in the jointly owned Danish Design Award.

There are many design awards, but the two organisations found a unique and inclusive approach by focusing on their shared enthusiasm for the effect or difference design can make. This led to the creation of exciting categories for the Award such as “Shared Resources”, “Better Learning”, “Healthy Life” and “Visionary Concepts”.

The complete result was delivered within five months by a highly engaged and aligned team. Whilst keeping the original INTENT in place, the concept was expanded during the second year to include more venues in Denmark and further developments on “celebrating the effect design can make” are planned for the Award’s third year.

This is an example of how the INTENT method can align different partners to create a “one team” effect and a unique market position. The following organisations have used INTENT for a similar purpose.

  • Design denmark
  • Interior architect professionals
  • Danish Design Festival
Danish Design Award