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Challenge: How does a profession renew itself?

Oticon Intiga

The interior design profession has changed over the last 20 years. With the popularity of television programs making interior design look very easy and architectural firms offering similar services, the traditional individual interior designer faces challenges in communicating the relevance and value of their profession.

Recognizing this, around 8 interior designers who were members of the professional organization Design Denmark, came together to address this problem. They used the INTENT method to identify their core value proposition and what is required to develop a thriving profession.

The INTENT was formulated and then presented to a wider group of interior design professionals, who are now engaging in the projects needed to realize the INTENT. Throughout this process the INTENT is used a reference for choosing directions and making decisions.

As a result there is now a shared sense of purpose within the profession, that didn’t exist before.

This is an example of how the INTENT method can be create alignment between a wide range of different views creating a unified sense of purpose together with practical actions that can be taken to realize the “Shared Why”.

The following organisations have used the INTENT method for similar purposes.

  • Danish Designers
  • Danish Design Festival
Oticon Intiga